About Us

Who Are We?

Building With Faith Construction is not your average construction company. We are a ministry that shares the gospel through our work. 

Our team has over 10 years of experience with different types of work that gives us the skillset to get the job done. We offer a wide range of services and an unmatched client experience. 

We look forward to working with you!

Meet Our Team!

Meet Erin

Erin is our office manager, she handles everything behind the scenes. You will find Erin running around most days handling the stuff no one else wants to do. Erin is driven with success, she loves the saying “If you start something you need to finish it.” Erin loves her family of two dogs and her lovely husband. Erin enjoys working out and going off-roading with her husband.

Meet Devin

Devin is very quiet, he does not say much when he does not need to. Devin focuses on making sure all the fine detail items are getting done. Devin is also one of our tile guys that it just clicks for him. Devin is well diverse in the things he knows. He knows quite a bit of things that may surprise you! Devin is a go getter and loves to meet all the new people we come in contact with! Devin loves his family, between his children and wife he is surrounded by endless love. Devin enjoys taking his wife out shopping and watching classic movies with the family.

Meet Alan

Alan is one of the most down to earth people you can meet, he will take a bullet for anyone. Alan is an extremely hard worker, you will never not catch him working at your project. Alan is our tile guy. If you have seen some tile work on our website, there is a very good chance Alan was the one who did it. Alan takes a lot of pride in his work making sure everything is looking great and that the homeowners are happy. Alan enjoys playing a game of pool and is a huge fan of soccer. He loves to watch movies and eat ice cream with his daughter.

Meet Kyle

Kyle is another one of our more experienced guys. He is great when it comes to figuring out electrical problems and troubleshooting anything we throw at him. Kyle is a very hard learner and an even better listener. Kyle is the type to teach him once and he will remember how to do it throughout his career. Kyle loves to skateboard and to draw, he is a very kind hearted person and sees the good in everthing. Kyle enjoys spending any time he gets with his family.

Meet Joe

Joe is the owner of Building With Faith Construction. Joe loves what he does, to him this is not just a business this is a ministry. Joe’s number 1 priority is his people, he loves all of his employees like they are his own kids. Joe also loves every single customer he comes across. You can expect nothing less than respect, and honesty from him. Joe loves to hunt whenever he gets the chance to. Joe charishes the time he gets to spend with his children when he is not running the business, coaching football, or serving on the fire department for the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve every customer as we serve our Lord. We strive for excellence, making every job perfect. Our company is honest and openly communicates the best that we can with what is going on. 


Building With Faith Construction offers a free one year warranty on all work that we complete. If any issues arise, please contact us!